30th August 2017

Single Bodied paragraph

Body Paragraph:

In the story, the handmaid’s tale, the author uses the contrast between our society and the society the protagonist Offred. This shows that the most challenging idea’s are in the details. Over the course of the handmaids tale, Offred describes many things that seem commonplace in her world, but are repulsive or monstrous when compared to our world. For example, Offred must  “hoard (Sanity) away like people used to hold money”, as the hand maids are brainwashed into thinking “This situation may not seem ordinary, but it will”. These details are not the main focus of the story, and what is are Offred’s struggles to try and survive the world she is now stuck in, but it is these details she flashes back to and mentions that help paint a picture of how far her world has gone. In these details, it contrasts with how much is different compared to our world. Nowadays, we can at least be assured that most of the time we won’t be brainwashed into a demeaning and dehumanizing profession, and then taught that it is our only purpose at the determent to our sanity.

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  1. There are some nice moments here, Arana. Make sure you back up statements you make and really explain how the text supports/doesn’t support the question.


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