5th September 2017

Practice Intro of Handmaids Tale

We like to root for the underdog. We like to see someone face their demons and trials. We want to see them overcome their faults. We care about them. It’s harder to care about certain kinds of characters, like omnipotent gods or superheroes who can do no wrong. This is why in fiction, the most used protagonist is an underdog. Someone they can empathize with because they are not the best, they are not powerful, but they are giving it their best shot. We as an audience must understand and relate to the issues the protagonist faces by seeing their faults and caring for them as an underdog in order for us to have a further heightened reading experience, without care for the protagonist a novel can become quickly dull. Within the dystopian world of the novel “The Handmaid’s Tale”, the author Margaret Atwood presents how this totalitarian regime places Control over the protagonist Offred through Fear,  Language and Movement to make us feel sympathetic towards Offred as we see her as an underdog amongst this diminishing society, causing us to care about her and her fate.

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