19th May 2017

Practice Paragraph

The Spider scene in “Minority Report” uses visual and audio techniques to show the movie’s government’s control over it’s people in a subtle way. The way it is shown is with the Camera shots and Soundtrack of the Spiders themselves. The Spiders are tiny 3-legged discs used by the pre-crimes police department, about the size of a pocket watch, to act as automated eye-scanners that infiltrate and invade citizen’s homes in order to identify wanted criminals. A clever camera shots of the Spider’s show humanizing elements to them, such as when the Spider’s are trying to break into the main character’s apartment, whom is on the run from the police, and they cannot enter through the his main door. One spider leaves the group futility trying to push on the door, and instead opens a casing on a floor light-tunnel, and indicates this to it’s fellows with a gesture. This action makes the Spider’s seem human, and makes the following scene where they repeatedly taze the protagonist and then almost blind him with their scanners without remorse all the more disturbing for me to watch. This is the only humanizing action for the spiders shown by the scene, as throughout the rest of it, every shot containing the Spider’s is complemented by a very dramatic, non-diegetic orchestral soundtrack, in order to keep the tension of the audience high as the protagonist tries to hide from the Spiders. I believe that the humanizing element used in an otherwise tense situation to juxtapose the already tense atmosphere created by the soundtrack was added by the Director and then used against me, the viewer, in order to make me even more tense during the scene by creating a false sense of security and to lull the audience into thinking that the Spider’s are not as bad as they really are. This quick shift of tone in the scene helps me to see how ruthless the Spiders, and by extension the police, and then the government itself, really are when treating it’s citizens.

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    Hi Arana,

    You raised some good points in here. I want you to now consider:
    – a societal response – how does the text reflect society? Give actual specifics.
    – developing your sentence crafting and the fluidity of ideas – work in a sensible order
    – Be more pointed in the use of the TWO TECHNIQUES TOGETHER to demonstrate the director’s purpose.

    Keep this in mind when you actually attack your 3.9


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