3rd April 2017



one of the most challenging idea’s of “The Handmaiden’s Tale” is the hypocrisy and iron woven into the character’s, setting and events.


Commander-Believed he changed the world for the better for women, but actually prevents them from having identity. Views are childish, and uses the government of old as a convenient scapegoat for the problems that affected the old world, such a women needing to conform or force themselves to be societies view on beauty, but has strange and stunted views of the reality of the old world, which is shown that women are more sexualised than the times we find ourselves today, but is still functional, and it still has much more rights and fairness and choice for everyone involved, both men and women.

Serena Joy-Originally supported the cause of Gilead, but then when it was established, she was married and treated like the rest of the wives.


Rights of Women-Basically they have none, their identities are quashed and their ability to speak their minds and be their own people are destroyed.

Morals of Men-

Gilead-The republic tries to portray itself as a perfect utopia , but is not, with people being oppressed.



Killing of Mayday Guardian-

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