27th June 2017

3.4 Assessment-Chapter 1


Sci-fi, Space Trucker pilot flies over a burning colony, gets shot at by unknowns, and then is drafted by local EarthGov forces to help investigate. He is being controlled by debt and money owed to various sources. This colony, 62-G, or commonly known as Emerald Cove, outputs a rare mineral called Bavarium, that is used to fuel the FTL drives of star-ships. The governmental style is capitalist based, called EarthGov, with the governments of earth declaring a colonization boom of space since the invention of the Faster Than Light drive, and coming under one banner in order to do this.. The Laws of EarthGov only really affect people living on earth and the inner system colonies of Luna, Mars, the Jovian moons and the rest of the Sol system, as these places are within a reasonable distance from Earth for radio signals from earth to reach them without being years old. Frontier colonies, colonies established on the planets on the edges of known space, are taxed in resources to give to the rest of humanity and rely on ships with FTL drives bringing news from the other star systems, which is a callback to western times where trains brought news and supplies to the frontier towns, and also have their own systems of government, only following their “Colony objectives”, and generally making their laws as they go. Earth and the inner colonies produce goods such as pharmaceuticals and luxury goods to give to the frontier colonies. Emerald cove itself orbits the Star of Haestrom (Hay-Strum), and is the only truly colonized planet in the system.

I pressed release button for the re-entry shutter, allowing the pale, diseased green light of the planet I found myself flying over to flood into the cockpit. The only thing that obscured my view of was the soot on the carbon-glass and scorched metal nose of the star ship.

When I awoke this morning, the last thing I expected was to be was

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