We like to root for the underdog. We like to see someone face their demons and trials. We want to see them overcome their faults. We care about them. It’s harder to care about certain kinds of characters, like omnipotent gods or superheroes who can do no wrong. This is why in fiction, the most […]

Body Paragraph: In the story, the handmaid’s tale, the author uses the contrast between our society and the society the protagonist Offred. This shows that the most challenging idea’s are in the details. Over the course of the handmaids tale, Offred describes many things that seem commonplace in her world, but are repulsive or monstrous […]

About: How I came to believe in all of you (Humanity) Why: I learned that everyone is different, I learned that I am myself, and I do not base myself on other people’s expectations. About 2 or 3 years ago, I realized I was who I was. I am Human. I am not a fish, […]

Sitting in the cockpit of his Mark II Bulldog Star Rider, Emmett was growing impatient. The Outer Colonies Express Faster Than Light (FTL) Train was already running late when it finally took off from Mars. The delay in his clearance to leave the giant vessel would cost him valuable time to get down to Emerald […]

BACKGROUND: Sci-fi, Space Trucker pilot flies over a burning colony, gets shot at by unknowns, and then is drafted by local EarthGov forces to help investigate. He is being controlled by debt and money owed to various sources. This colony, 62-G, or commonly known as Emerald Cove, outputs a rare mineral called Bavarium, that is […]

“……justice will be swift, it will be righteous, and it will be without mercy.”, Adam Subtler, Chancellor of England. In the Film “V for Vendetta”, directed by James McTeigue, cinematography techniques are used to show the viewer the power of an idea. The use of clever set-pieces, dialogue and soundtrack are used to show how the […]

The Spider scene in “Minority Report” uses visual and audio techniques to show the movie’s government’s control over it’s people in a subtle way. The way it is shown is with the Camera shots and Soundtrack of the Spiders themselves. The Spiders are tiny 3-legged discs used by the pre-crimes police department, about the size […]